March Pundit 1

The Elements of Trumpism

Ross Douthat

New York Times

Ross Douthat, in his article “The Elements of Trumpism” discusses the 4 groups of supporters that Trump has in the election. His purpose is to convince anti-trump Americans that he isn’t all bad and inform them of who he would benefit if he were to win. His audience is Americans who dislike Trump and he uses a list style, personal anecdotes, and appeals to logos to inform his audience.

In this article, Douthat uses a list format in talking about the types of people who support Donald Trump. These four groups are the white working class, the opportunists, the institutionalists, and the inevitabilists. He uses one or two paragraphs per group and appeals to logos by using specific examples or people or groups from each section of supporters. He also quotes Orwell which also appeals to logos.

Finally, Douthat gives his own opinion, which puts the whole post in context. He is “anti-anti- Trump” which he describes as “not rooting for him to win, but appreciating his truth-telling on certain issues, his capacity to upset the stagnant status quo”. This allows the reader to understand Douthat’s bias on this topic.


Mr. Douthat,

Your opinion on Trump is very different than that of me. I do understand, though, your reasoning on why these four groups would support him. It was interesting how you put your post in a sort of list format. I also appreciated your specific examples.





7 thoughts on “March Pundit 1

  1. andreeffk17 says:

    Hi Katie,
    I really enjoyed the month I followed Douthat. Although his conservative views may be obvious, they are not overbearing. I want to read this article because so far in this crazy political time, I have not heard anything positive about Donald Trump.


  2. Kirby says:

    Before reading, I had a general idea of who were Trump supporters just by listening to NPR and most effectively, listening to people in AP Gov, so it was really interesting to see it broken down. I’m telling you Katie, it’s the inevitablists! This whole horserace reporting is influencing people with the polls because they figure “Well he is going to win anyways…” No, no, no! It’s a very real and very scary problem created my current media.


  3. ferachih17 says:

    Last semester, Clarence Page, a columnist whom I had followed, posted a great article that analyzed the general supporters of Trump (I’ll attach it below if you are interested!). Page had claimed that many of Trump’s supporters come from a lost generation; a majority of his supporters were born between the baby boomer and millennial periods, which could include many of the four groups that Douthat had defined. One question that I have yet to answer is this, “Does a sense of racism and intolerance correlate with this generation’s circumstances (birthyear, political ideology, etc.)?”


  4. katelandry4 says:

    This is honestly one of the first pro-Trump pundit posts I’ve seen! I even followed Douthat last month and he seemed to not favor the Trump-train. I wonder what changed? Very good analysis of this article, however. It is very interesting the Douthat makes his bias so openly known, which is a quality I find to be very unique to his writing. He is truly opening the floor to discussion.


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